Using Sticky Notes as an Important Classroom Resource

Paul Wright qualified as a teacher in one of the first cohorts of teachers in the Graduate Teacher Training Programme at Northumbria University and has subsequently taught in secondary schools in Northumberland, Bedfordshire and Warwickshire. He is currently a Head of Faculty in a busy secondary school. Outside of schools he coordinates and speaks at TeachMeet events and can regularly be found commenting on educational matters via Twitter @pw2tweets and on his blog

How many expensive resources have you tried in your class?

Would you believe that there’s really so much you can do to engage your learners with just a set of sticky notes?img_20160922_092613002_hdr

I do, I’ve seen teachers pull out a packet of sticky notes and then engage learners in all manner of amazing and engaging activities.

It’s why they feature over five pages in my new book Teach, Reflect, Doodle… I wanted to give teacher some ideas for using these versatile and inexpensive tools but then give you space to record your own, and even ask others of their ideas and record them. Once you’ve written down all the ideas on the pages I’ve mapped out you could then photocopy the page and share it with your team of colleagues!

You can uimg_20160922_165928129_hdrse sticky notes for all sorts of activities:
·       Think, Pair, Share

·       Colour coded (the sticky notes) feedback

·       Pros and Con lists

·       Starting the lesson with a question

·       You can even print questions or challenges onto them

·       Have learners write down what they know about a topic and ‘stick it’ on your white board as a starter

·       Have learners write down things they don’t know about atopic and anonymously stick them on a wall for you to review later.



I wrote Teach, Reflect, Doodle to act as both an informative book for teachers but as a diary of your own ideas and suggestions. I’ve started the book, you get to finish it and then share it with others – interactive and easy CPD right there!
So grab a pen, turn the page and lets start this year!

Teach, Reflect, Doodle… is available to purchase here

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