Happy Halloween from the Bloomsbury Education team!

This weekend is all about the spooky pumpkins, the trick-or-treating and ghostly goings-on! If you’ve already mastered the pumpkin carving and exhausted the decorations in your local shops then here are some activities and stories to get you through the Halloween weekend. There’s even a competition to win some truly haunting story collections!

Creepy Crafts
Have some fun in the kitchen with these ideas from 50 Fantastic Ideas for Celebrations and Festivals.
Shrunken apple heads Ice hand and puffy paint

Spooky Stories
Try reading these five terrifying tales with your children. From the scary vampire haunting an old manor to the boy who swaps places with a buzzard, these folk tales from around the world are perfect for ages 7+.

Here is Goblins and Ghosties:

Two stories from Serpents and Werewolves:

We’re running a Halloween giveaway over on our Twitter page @BloomsburyEd where you could win copies of Goblins and Ghosties and Serpents and Werewolves if you retweet our spooky photo.
Halloween competition prizes

And finally…

We arrived this morning to find our current favourite book looking a bit ghoulish!
Teacher Toolkit pumpkin!
Happy Halloween!

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