“It truly is the best job in the world.” The Teacher Toolkit launch.

Teacher Toolkit launch partyTo celebrate the publication of Ross Morrison McGill’s brilliant new book, Teacher Toolkit, we hosted a launch at Bloomsbury HQ in Bedford Square!

Ross is the most followed teacher on Twitter in the UK (@TeacherToolkit), with a staggering 112,000 + followers. Teacher Toolkit is his second book to publish with Bloomsbury, and as you can imagine has been highly anticipated by his dedicated army of followers!

Launch party Friends, family, colleagues, teachers, authors, journalists, publishers, and competition winners all assembled to raise a glass to Teacher Toolkit. The room buzzed with the sound of educational professionals sharing ideas, stories, and ambitions. Among them was Ty Goddard, founder of The Education Foundation. Addressing the launch attendees in a moving and empowering speech about the shocking dropout rate in the teaching profession, he spoke passionately about the issue and said:

“This book is part of a growing movement of British teachers; it comes from the movement and is part of the movement. It is about how you survive teaching; top tips; practical; really honest, frank and passionate.”

A recent YouGov poll reported that 53% of teachers are considering leaving the profession in the next two years which means that keeping new teachers in the profession has never been more important!* This is the central aim of Teacher Toolkit and therefore, as the title suggests, it is packed full of teaching ideas and advice, that will help to reduce their workload with handy tips about all aspects of day to day teaching, but will also make them laugh!

Speaking about his own journey from the classroom to publication, Ross summarised what his book aims to achieve:

“This book is for every teacher who has been bullied; those forced to take redundancy and for the thousands of teachers who leave the profession within the first 5 years. Hopefully, it will entice teachers who have left the classroom, back into the profession, and to encourage others who have just started out, to stay in the classroom. It truly is the best job in the world.”

Next, thank yous were said, gifts were given, wine flowed, conversation continued, and Ross was presented with an enormous cake edition of the book!
Teacher Toolkit book coverScreenshot 2015-10-08 16.24.21 Screenshot 2015-10-08 16.24.55
As the guests began to trickle out, juggling numerous copies of the book (purchased for themselves, friends, family and co-workers), there was a wonderful feeling of solidarity – of teachers supporting teachers. Certainly, the evening demonstrated that Teacher Toolkit is a resilient, intelligent, innovative, collaborative, and aspirational book – so let’s tell everyone about it!

In the infamous Action Jackson’s words:

“This book is the book that is going to revolutionise the minds of our teachers, showing them that they can fulfill their mission of inspiring our kids to dream big and never give up.”  Action Jackson, Youth Success coach and founder of The Fix-up Team


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