Introducing Lottie Lipton!

Drawing of Lottie LiptonHello! I’m writing this from the reading room in the British Museum in 1928. I understand that my adventures and tales of daring and bravery have been made into books by Mr Dan Metcalf. How exciting! I can’t wait for everyone to read them and see what fun we’ve all had.

But where are my manners? I haven’t even introduced myself. My name is Lottie Lipton. I’m nine years old and I live in an apartment in the British Museum with my Great Uncle Bert. He’s the Curator of Ancient Egyptian Artefacts and brought me to London after my parents died. They were archaeologists, and were killed when a tomb they were excavating in Cairo collapsed. I miss them of course but living in the British Museum is AMAZING! I can look at whatever exhibits I want, read any of the books in the library and I don’t even go to school. Uncle Bert teaches me everything I need to know and Reg, the old caretaker who lives on the grounds too, teaches me extra things like how to say ‘How much is it’ in twenty-five languages and how to pick a padlock.

Lottie at the British Museum - her home

Oh, and then there’s the adventures.

Strange things start to happen whenever I’m around. When you’re surrounded by thousands of years of world history, I suppose anything could happen. But these things are really strange. Like when a giant golden statue of an Egyptian cat came alive and ran away from its display case, or when we discovered the trail of clues leading to the legendary Trident of Neptune. I love a puzzle and always seem to find an adventure (or maybe they find me?).

Looking for the Cairo Cat
Me doing some top secret investigating!

Life would be perfect if it wasn’t for Sir Trevelyan Taylor, the Head Curator, trying to evict us from our home at the museum at every given opportunity. He’s got something against us living here, just because sometimes I leave my tea and toast balanced on an ancient priceless sculpture, or Uncle Bert manages to get lost in his own department (he’s a little absent-minded).

I really hope everyone enjoys my adventures, because I’ve had plenty more that Mr Metcalf has kindly written down for me. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go and investigate something. I’m sure I heard a bang from the Egyptian section. I hope it’s not a mummy come to life again!

TTFN (Ta ta for now),

Lottie x

The first two books in The Lottie Lipton Adventures, titled The Curse of the Cairo Cat and Secrets of the Stone, are published on the 2nd of July.

The Secrets of the Stone coverThe Curse of the Cairo Cat cover

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